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In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.

George Orwell

Thesis Redux

I’ve been pretty busy the past half year, and haven’t found time to work on OT. Fortunately, I recently have recovered my workflow and will update my status on OT, as well as a secret project I’ve been kicking around in the back of my head for the last several years. My college physics thesis was a simulation and analysis of a system of close-packed spheres. Specifically, I was looking what crystalline structure arises in the system as the density of spheres increases, which is a small part of the grand question, “How do objects freeze? Continue reading

Google Wave Whitepapers

Google Wave (sadly deprecated) has pioneered a lot of what drives modern-day Google Docs, Slides, etc. in terms of an OT framework – thankfully, the project has led to a series of whitepapers discussing the technologies present in Wave, and even more happily, the original source code was open-sourced.


  1. Google Wave whitepapers
  2. High-Latency, Low-Bandwidth Windowing in the Jupiter Collaboration System (Nichols 1995)

Iterative Tree Node Counting

01.12.2015 writeup Minke Zhang
I love coding, but one of the major hurdles I haven’t been able to pass is the sluggish speed at which I actually write code – this is a death sentence during coding interviews. In order to combat this, I’ve been working on competitive programming over the last several months, with the result that I’ve seen some moderate improvement to my coding. One of the great strengths of these contests is that in addition to gaining raw speed, I’ve been exposed to a variety of data structures and algorithm implementations which I would have never otherwise have come across. Continue reading
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